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Top three Essentials for a New Born

arrival of baby

Baby Boon: Precious Moment of Life

The arrival of a baby in the life of parents is the most special phase for them. Although the preparations continue till the time the baby comes in the world, yet the actual realization of baby is felt when he or she comes in the hands of parents. A baby is the world for every parent. Parents strive hard to arrange every small to big essentials for fulfilling every need of their baby. For first time parents, it is indeed a new chapter in their life. Hence, they are quite cautious and curious to know about things that would be required for their new born. Explore the three essentials that would be required for a new born at first go.

Three essential things for your new born:

Baby Clothes

Clothes form the basic essentials for new born. They are classified as preemie or infant, new born, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. It might be the case that the baby straight away goes for 3 month clothing. It is very important to buy soft and soothing clothes that would make the new born comfortable and at ease. Since the skin of baby is very delicate, parents should go in for organic clothing. Clothes should be baby friendly and away from skin irritation. As far as clothing is concerned, new born are not away from any fashion or styling. A variety of clothes are available for new born. They are one piece or ropers, shirts, leggings, pull up pants, mittens, hats, socks, booties, shoes and pajamas. There are a number of branded stores that are exclusively coming up and providing existing as well as newer options for new born. Parents can anytime drop in and go ahead with setting up their new ones wardrobe.


Hygiene and sanitation are two essential elements that cannot be ignored at any cost when it is the matter of new born. New born babies are very sensitive to the environment as they become habitual to the environment in their mother’s womb. Hence baby diapers and disposable clothes become the next essential for new born babies. People often go in for soft cotton cloth due to the skin sensitivity. Initially, babies would require 8 – 10 diapers approximately on daily basis. Along with diapers, it is also essential to use wipes that would ensure a proper cleaning in sides and hips region. Parents can also opt for warm water cleaning with soft cotton cloth for better hygiene.

Baby Monitor

For busy and independent parents, it also becomes a challenge to complete other tasks along with babysitting. As a result of this they cannot continuously keep a watch on their new born while they are away in other living space of their rooms. Hence baby monitors become the third essential requisite for new born. This is a wonderful and effective device that comprises of transmitter and one receiver. Transmitter is placed near the baby. As soon as the baby makes any sound, it would immediately be heard by the receiver that would be with parents. Baby Monitors are available in audio and video formats.